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There's a place for everyone on Team Veverka

If we’re going to spread the word about Albert throughout Allegheny County we need help in every neighborhood. Tell us how you’d like to help and we’ll make a place for you the team.


Lend your time and talents to help us spread the word about Albert across Allegheny County. We've got a task we can match up to any person with any skill level.


Your donation helps elect a champion for fairness, equality, and timely access to justice in Allegheny County. Every contribution makes a difference!

Volunteer with the Campaign

Fill out our volunteer form and a member of our team will contact you. We’ve got something for every skill level, so don’t worry if you’ve never volunteered on a campaign before. We’ll partner you up with someone who can show you the ropes and get you started right away.

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429 Fourth Avenue, Suite 1705
Pittsburgh PA 15219

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Follow Albert for campaign updates.

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